Users Watch FCC's Moves on Net Neutrality

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Today the Federal Communications Commission will announce new rules for how service providers filter the spectrum of websites to their consumers. The issue of net neutrality has drawn passionate debate from all sides, including consumers who want equal access to all corners of the Internet, and companies that want to drive those consumers to their own services first. Brian Stelter, reporter for the Media Decoder blog at our partner The New York Times, weighs in on the FCC's new net neutrality regulations, and what they might mean for the future of the Internet.

The new rules would prevent ISPs like Comcast from blocking access to sites and applications. However, the new rules would also give wireless companies the say-so in enforcing limits on access to services and applications.

The proposed rules of the online road would prevent fixed-line broadband providers like Comcast and Qwest from blocking access to sites and applications. The rules, however, would allow wireless companies more latitude in putting limits on access to services and application



Brian Stelter

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