Zimbabwe's cholera epidemic spreads to South Africa

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Women and children queue for water at a plant in Harare on December 1st. (DESMOND KWANDE/AFP/Getty Images)
Zimbabweans have long been entering South Africa to escape their country's economic decline. Now they're fleeing a cholera epidemic. South African resources are being stretched to the limit as health workers try to contain the disease. In Musina, fifteen minutes from the border, tents have been set up in the grounds of the local hospital to treat patients. Many of the Zimbabweans coming into South Africa do so illegally by swimming the Limpopo river. Officials have confirmed that tests carried out on the river have found it to be polluted. But South Africa is not turning away anyone who is sick. Sarah Jacobs from Save The Children discusses the situation.
"We are responding to tens of thousands of people to help save lives, but we just need more resources. We need more money."
—Sarah Jacobs from Save The Children on the status of relief organizations


Sarah Jacobs

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