Zimbabwe: Mugabe and Tsvangirai agree on power-sharing deal

Friday, September 12, 2008

Zimbabwe opposition officials say some are unhappy with a complicated deal that finally has President Robert Mugabe agreeing to relinquish some power. The two officials said the breakthrough gives opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai control of the government and the police force that has been terrorizing the opposition. Mugabe controls defense forces under the deal agreed Thursday night after three months of negotiations. The two officials said Tsvangirai broke a deadlock with an agreed proposal for a Council of State made up of Mugabe and two deputies and Tsvangirai and two deputies. Two other officials said some opposition leaders are unhappy about the deal. Two of the officials confirmed that Mugabe, 84, would head the Council of State and Tsvangirai, 56, the Cabinet. The officials spoke Friday on condition of anonymity because of a media blackout.
Guest: Hebson Mukavise, Spokesman for the Movement for Democratic Change in Europe

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