Your responses: Asking for $700 billion with a straight face

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has asked Americans for $700 billion to bailout financial institutions. This morning The Takeaway asked listeners and readers how they would ask for that much money. How would you ask for $700 billion?

Trouble viewing this video? Check out the YouTube version (click "watch in high quality" for best quality).


Jennifer Hsu

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Oh, please. I'm trying really hard to like this show. After many years as a devoted NPR listener and contributor, I wake up to hear John Whateverberry making a crank call. If I had been more awake, I'd have cringed. I'm all for being relaxed and light, but do we really have to return to middle school? Punking the woman at the other end of the line accomplished what, exactly? More clarity into the financial crisis?

Sep. 26 2008 11:36 PM

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