Young Voices, Health Care Choices

Thursday, August 27, 2009

All this week we've been speaking to different groups affected by the debate over health care reform. Today we turn to young people. What we've been hearing – from those generally healthy enough to risk choosing whether or not to have coverage – is that they see it as a gamble. We've compiled a mix of voices from young people wondering if they really need health insurance... or can afford it.

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Femi Oke

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Matthew Rosen

RE: Young Voices, Health Care Choices

Please point any callers/write-ins to:

to explore options available to them.

Generally, plans are available for $50-150 around the U.S., often with Rx coverage.

Often, I see it's the narrative alone that private, individual insurance plans are prohibitively expensive that keeps many young people from buying insurance. For many (myself included), if and when they explore the facts, they learn this is not at all the case.

Example, I read an article about an uninsured 23 year-old girl in Ohio. Recent graduate. Employed. She stated that there was "no options available for under, like, $400/month."

I ran a quick search for a female, 23 years, non-student, non-smoker:

Several plans, from @ $50-75 available.

Even a basic plan is better than no plan, and on average, less than a single day's pay at minimum wage is hardly prohibitive. Not a complete solution to the health care debate, but a great start.

Aug. 29 2009 05:05 PM

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