Over to You: What to Call Your Mixed Race Identity

Friday, December 17, 2010

We turn the show over to you, with a topic that you've been talking about a lot this week: What do you call yourself, if you come from a mixed-race background? Is "biracial" okay, or is it just "black"? And what about other races or ethnicities? Keep the conversation going here or text START to 69866 to get involved every day.

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Jim Colgan

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Kelly from Salt Lake City

My 7 year old son is half Latino, half white. And in New Mexico where he was born, he is what they call a "koy-oh-tay" or coyote which, in myth, means half dog, half wolf. In New Mexico this identity is actually one of EMPOWERMENT and something to be very proud of. There are LOTS of "koy-oh-tays" in New Mexico.

Dec. 17 2010 08:52 AM

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