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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine (mgarbowski/flickr)

The United States, by some reckoning, is among the most consistently religious countries on earth. More of us go to a house of worship on a regular basis than in most countries. The majority of us believe in a higher power. And we have both more religions and a higher level of religious tolerance than anywhere else on the planet. But is religion really an American value? And if so, why has the separation of church and state been held so fundamental since the days of Thomas Jefferson?


Today, we continue our American values series with a conversation about religion. Sarah Barringer Gordon, Professor of History and Constitutional Law at the University of Pennsylvania, joins us, along with Justin Jones-Fosu. Jones-Fosu is an ordained Christian minister and occasional Takeaway contributor; he joins us from partner station WEAA in Baltimore.



Sarah Barringer Gordon

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Kristen Meinzer


Justin Jones-Fosu

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tiffany lewis from colorado

God is good I am born and raised catholic it is my only religion tiffsny lewis bio m8ther ashton m way

Apr. 26 2014 11:00 AM
tiffanylewis from colorado

I am catholic and presbyterisn me snd my son ashton way tifflewistiffaanncarduccimsrgotti im vutious how a white trsler psrk tradh church like the mormons gets away with trying to kill me and my son ashton li have a white trsler park trash female stalket from their relgion miv
chelle arndt reid how csn they say they believe in god when they harm a two yr old tiff oewis

Apr. 03 2014 11:38 PM

Religion has been too closely identified with God and the supernatural, and to looking back at the teachings of the long passed wise people.

There is also religion for thinking and forward looking people who do not believe in God.

Religion is what connects people and what guides their actions through there ethical values.

So many thinking people say they are not religious but are spiritual and principled. Humanists, Ethical Culturists, are religious,

The space age and the internet are creating new synergy in the noosphere and weaving the commonality all religious people through images of earth and shared consequences and responsibility.

Many candles give one light.

Show children

Dec. 16 2010 11:24 AM
Ed H. from Larchmont

The separation of Church and state, the non-establishment of a religion, is meant to allow all religions to flourish, not to suppress them.

Dec. 16 2010 08:23 AM

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