North Korea Nuclear Progress Greater Than Expected

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A South Korean veteran holds a placard showing North Korean flags and portraits of Kim Jong-Il (L) and his son Jong-Un (R) during a rally in Seoul on December 2, 2010 (JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty)

North Korea seems to have surpassed Iran, in its efforts to develop the advanced technology that produces nuclear material and weapons. According to David Sanger, chief White House correspondent for our partner The New York Times, senior American officials were recently stunned to see that North Korea is far more advanced in its nuclear ambitions than anticipated. The officials visited a new plant at Yongbyon, where North Korea's main nuclear complex sits.

Sanger discusses whether this news changes our view of who the more dangerous enemy is: Tehran or Pyongyang?


David Sanger

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Anon from US

It's all good. The U.N. will give them the food assistance required to become a threat. Instead of risking lives now, they're risking a ton of lives in the future.

Good job, idiots. I almost wonder if they WANT North Korea to run South Korea over.

Dec. 15 2010 02:00 PM
Ed H. from Larchmont

Mother Teresa told us that 'the fruit of abortion is nuclear war'. Now that the U.S. is promoting abortion nationally and internationally (throught the UN and foreign policy and Hilary Clinton), we are seeing the world getting closer to nuclear war.

Dec. 15 2010 08:12 AM

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