FCC Says Most American Broadband Connections ... Aren't

68 percent of "broadband" Internet hookups are too slow

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

network cable (Pascal Charest/flickr)

A report issued yesterday by the FCC says that most of the connections sold to Americans as "broadband" are actually too slow to qualify for the name. Rick Karr is a correspondent for PBS's "Need to Know." He speaks with us about why American broadband connections are lagging so badly behind those found in the rest of the world.


Rick Karr

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pabelmont from New York City

Thanks for the segment on European advances on BROADBAND.

Now, can you do the same for HEALTH-CARE COSTS? I've heard that the USA has a vastly expensive total per-capita health-care expense but that a lot of lt is administrative, and that administrative expense is MUCH LESS in many European countries. IT SEEMS we run our health-care system as a GIFT TO PROFIT-MAKERS and AN EMPLOYMENT SCHEME TOP BENEFIT ADMIN FOLKS.

How about it?

Dec. 14 2010 07:33 AM

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