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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Takeaway looks at two stories in the global news today with our partners, the BBC. First, President Barack Obama unveils his Afghan war strategy today. Officials say the President plans to send thousands of more military and civilian trainers on top of the 17,000 combat troops he's already ordered. The plan includes no time line for withdrawal of troops.

In other news, the Sudanese government says an air attack on the country in January destroyed a convoy carrying weapons intended for Hamas in the Gaza strip. The numbers killed in the attack fluctuate wildly, but the story's made big news in Israel whose prime minister has hinted that Israel's air force was involved. For a look at both these stories we are joined by the BBC's defense correspondent Rob Watson and the BBC's Arab Affairs analyst, Magdi Abdelhadi.

"There's no point in making progress in Afghanistan if the source of the trouble, the other side of the border, is still continuing to bother you."
—BBC correspondent Rob Watson on President Obama's strategy in Afghanistan


Magdi Abdelhadi and Robert Watson

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