Bosses and BFFs? Rules for Mixing Friends and Work

Working relationships can be tricky

Thursday, September 03, 2009

When are you friends with somebody at work — and when are you just friendly? Sometimes it's hard to tell. And when it comes to office friendships, how much do you have to watch what you say or do with your colleagues, both face-to-face and online? We try to figure out the rules of mixing friends and family with work by talking with Kate Dailey, who writes The Human Condition blog for Newsweek, and Tina Wells, CEO of Buzz Marketing, who has employed a number of her siblings over the years. 

And, speaking of office friends, here's The Office, Friends-style:

<div><p>"In this economic climate, all that matters is numbers and results.  You could be the best man in somebody's wedding; you could have been somebody's birthing coach, but if you're not meeting your sales quota, you're at risk."<br /> &mdash;Kate Dailey, who writes The Human Condition blog for Newsweek, on why being friends with your co-workers doesn't guarantee you job security</p></div>


Kate Dailey and Tina Wells


Stephanie Hughes and Jen Poyant

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