A win-win for wind?

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Yesterday in an Earth Day pitch, the Obama administration and the Department of the Interior announced new rules that will help boost the development of offshore wind farms along our coastlines. But not everyone is thrilled about this supply of green energy because these offshore turbines are visible from the coastline and sometimes can be heard, too. Even Senator Ted Kennedy, one of President Obama's biggest supporters, is complaining about the disruption to the shoreline off of Cape Cod. Amy Myers Jaffe, associate director of the Rice University Energy Program and a fellow at the James A. Baker Institute for Public Policy, joins The Takeaway to talk about how much of an impact these offshore wind-turbines will could have on how we produce and consume energy.
"Think about the fact that when you flip the switch there's a fuel going through the power station. Electricity seems invisible. That makes us think it's clean. It makes us think the fuel is invisible, but everything has something."
—Amy Myers Jaffe, director of the energy forum at Rice University's Baker Institute, on energy sources


Amy Myers Jaffe

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