Out Takes: Will the stimulus package stimulate education reform?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now that the American Recovery Reinvestment Act has been passed into law, the Department of Education has been given an unprecedented injection of money. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has $100 billion dollars of emergency aid at his disposal. But is the disbursement of this aid, 40% of which is going to avert education cuts, the best way to bring our education system into the 21st century? This week we’re taking a closer look at how the stimulus will affect education in America. We’re kicking off the conversation with Bob Compton. He is a venture capitalist and the executive producer of an education documentary Two Million Minutes. That’s the number of minutes it takes to complete high school. In his film he compares the education system in the U.S. with the school systems in India and China.

What else is in the stimulus bill? Follow the dollars online and tell us how the stimulus plan is playing out in your community. We're sharing your stories online and on air, and we'll continue the investigation with your help.

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"At best this money is going to go into the states, along traditional channels, and it's going to cement American education firmly in the 20th century. But it is going to do next to nothing in moving the American K-12 education into the 21st century."
— Venture capitalist Bob Compton on the injection of stimulus funds into public schools


Bob Compton and Jerome Vaughn

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