The Battle for the Dream Act Begins

Legislation passes House, faces uphill battle in the Senate

Thursday, December 09, 2010

U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) (2nd R) speaks as Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL), Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, and Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA) listen during a conference on the DREAM Act (Alex Wong/Getty)

Yesterday, the House of Representatives narrowly passed the Dream Act, which would allow certain illegal immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as minors a chance to become U.S. citizens, if they enter college or military service. Those eligible are people who were brought into the U.S. before they were 16, have been living here for at least five years, and have earned a high school diploma. In order to gain citizenship, they would have to join the military for two years, or attend a four year college for two years.

Like most issues, this one also has Republicans and Democrats split. Democrats are strongly pushing for it to pass, while Republicans are likely to vote against it. With the Latino vote becoming more and more important in national elections, how would voting against this bill affect Republicans in 2012?

To help us answer that is Jorge Ramos, anchor for the Spanish language television network Univision, and author oA Country for All: An Immigrant Manifesto.


Jorge Ramos

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The United States is not in a position to reject talent, because according to many studies the United States will not have enough college graduates to effectively compete against other countries. This is an extremely important opportunity for the United States that should not be overlooked. There are two choices SUPPORT THE DREAM ACT, MAINTAINING THE UNITES STATE AS THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, OR NOT-- MAKING THE UNITED STATES PREVIOUSLY GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD--






Dec. 11 2010 01:33 AM
Francis from Indianapolis, IN

The major problem that once immigrants--either legal or of illegal status over how many years, they could bring in a whole spectrum of family. Chain migration has silently snowballed from the 1986 Immigration bill. Since that law was passed the Congress has quietly passed six amnesties, without any explanation, while at the same time admitting over a million new legal immigrants a year through a lottery of specific working visas. The Dream Act if passed is just another stealth type back door amnesty. Hopefully in our future—the TEA PARTY—will put an end to this serious pretense of each administration supposedly working for the populace. Don't give any Senator or Representative breathing room, and should get a cordial call the Washington Switchboard 202-224-3121 Until the Dream Act is amended--it must not be voted on--as is.

Dec. 10 2010 02:17 PM
Francis from Indianapolis, IN

It should be remembered for every legal or illegal immigrant who settles here, brings many more immediate family groups. Every year millions come to America who already has a legal or illegal family component, who offers either a safe haven or an affidavit of support; who they sponsor. When an illegal alien is caught along the border, the US agents ask that individual where are they are going. The majority answer I have a brother, or uncle in Denver, Salt Lake City or other major hub, who has a job for me. This is almost a perpetual loop of the same story over and over again. Alas, there is not enough room to explain what is happening around America in regards to this issue. It has become paramount quandary in so many ways and is just as urgent as the Start treaty, the tax conundrum, "Don't ask, Don't tell" and other issues. In fact the illegal immigration problem has got so out of hand; because of astronomical costs it’s threatening the livelihood of every American. IT’S A FINANCIAL catastrophe, which has grown out of control. The illegal immigration problem has been caused by years of neglect and now the only way the federal authorities can tamper down the burning fuse, is some kind of mass amnesty. Why should US citizens have to compete with foreign nationals? Why should legal construction workers or a laborer in any other job, have to compete with Contractors who hire foreign workers? When is this injustice to the American population going to end?

Remember that--CHAIN MIGRATION--puts the United States in serious peril, even more so than the original sponsors. Learn much more about the OVERPOPULATION and its risks to the environment, infrastructure and quality of life at NumbersUSA The Dream Act in itself not a menace, although at least a 800.000 students would be eligible if they abide by the law? The only immigration law that should be demanded is to make illegal entrance into the United States a felony, with no excuses and no exceptions. This includes businesses that are twice caught hiring illegal workers, should be subject to a harsh fine, confiscation of business assets and after the second conviction—prison! It's blatantly obvious to me, that for years Washington has deceived the American people of both political parties. There has been no intention of enforcing immigration laws and this is proven without doubt. If illegal immigration had severe consequences, such as the above penalties the only enforcement program needed would be E-Verify mandated for every business owner. The majority of other restriction tools needed to halt the free flow of desperate, destitute people would radically decline; knowing that you would be convicted of a class “A” felony would collapse the ongoing flow.

Dec. 10 2010 02:16 PM
Francis from Indianapolis, IN

This would be huge disincentive to economic foreign nationals crossing our borders, or using the excuse of being a tourist, fully aware they are not leaving once their visa runs out. No! There has been no true intention of halting illegal aliens coming here for work, or to commit crimes. Both Democrats and Republicans have remained impassive to the invasion, whether its 13 million or 20 million foreigners who have skirted our laws; of course that's according which side of the Washington pecking order you are inclined to believe? Over thirty years of government neglect has brought this nightmare upon us, of incessant crimes against lawful citizens and permanent residents. Americans land owners living in constant fear along the 2000 miles of mostly unprotected border. Both political parties irrationally forget who pays their salaries and pensions while American find their wages sinking and the majority of Social programs of having to share these entitlements with illegal labor and their families.

Around the country, we have activist judges who ignore the US constitution and instead construe the law according to personal political orientation. Even now Arizona is under bombardment from open border radicals, or pro business entities, who do not want this Border States policing laws to be upheld. Then again the IRS is complicit in allowing illegal aliens to squat here, by issuing ITIN numbers, as foreigners cannot possess a real Social Security card. Over the last ten years we have seen an escalation in ID theft, with the courts saying this is not classed as a felony. Another concealed point is that illegal alien workers are collecting billions of dollars in income tax refunds, for children who don't exist or filing for the same child twice by each parent. For those people who believe that this is an embellishment, one only has to Google key words--illegal alien costs; illegal alien income tax refunds.

Dec. 10 2010 02:14 PM
Francis from Indianapolis, IN

There are highly regarded reports on the expenditures of federal, state and county support of foreign nationals that you as the taxpayer is erroneously paying. Sanctuary States like California under Liberal progressive control in Sacramento is depleting the state of billions of dollars, as they subsidize the millions in just Los Angeles County alone? The schools are in turmoil from overcrowding of children of illegal families, who by mandated law must be educated. In understaffed county hospitals have become places of last resort, for the multitudes of foreign nationals who live below the poverty line, so they are dependent on taxpayers. California has become an incubator for hundreds of thousands of illegal pregnant females, who collect under their new citizens-babies, namely billions of more dollars soaked from you and me.

Their children are a valuable commodity, because our 14th amendment law has been with intent compromised, so that children of illegal aliens are issued food stamps, low income housing and a large profusion of cash payment and other freebies. All these entitlements should not be going to people who should not be here? These illegal women are already aware that once the stand on our soil, that the US taxpayer will support them and all their children. Until we halt the illegal immigration occupation of this country, we a steadily heading for a irrevocable overpopulation. The only way anything will ever get accomplished is by Americans pressing incessantly their Senator or Congressman. As the Tea Party grows this organization has a commitment to the people—because they are THE PEOPLE. They owe no favors to left wing Unions, big corporations or the open border zealots. They are the TEA PARTY. They are AMERICA.

Dec. 10 2010 02:13 PM

No Dream Act.

The requirements for the Dream Act are minimal. Passing the GED test is ridiculously easy. The GED is even available in Spanish, so immigrants would not have to learn English. There is no way to prove age and date of illegal entry.

The Dream Act will immediately issue green cards to virtually any illegal entrant who can read and do simple math in their native language.

Criminal records are allowed, barring felony convictions leading to 1-year imprisonment or 3 or more separate misdemeanor charges with at least 90 days jail time. Even those levels of criminal activity can be waived for hardship cases. That is extraordinarily lenient.

Millions of jobs in the U.S. will be up for international, open-borders, competition.

Liberals who want to experiment with globalizing labor and open-borders should try it on a different country.

Dec. 10 2010 01:27 PM

The DREAM ACT represents a RENNAISSANCE of INTELLECTUAL PROFESSIONALS in the UNITED STATES. The DREAM ACT will undoubtedly create a positive philosophical perspective of knowledge and higher education lasting through generations in the United States. The new philosophical perspective will positively lead to new innovations in Technology, Medicine, Business, Biology, alternative forms of energy, Computer Science and other innovations related to technological fields not yet existent. New Technological Innovations are vital for the UNITED STATES to compete in a complex Global Economy. Therefore, think it through carefully, fast upcoming economies in Asia such as India and China are definitely thinking: thinking about their rise to global economic power—SUPPORT DREAM ACT!!!

Dec. 10 2010 02:12 AM

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