Majora Carter on Grassroots Climate Initiatives

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Majora Carter Majora Carter

Majora Carter is host of American Public Media show "The Promised Land," and an environmental strategist for the Majora Carter Group. As leaders gather in Cancún to tackle the big picture of climate change, Carter is advocating for "protecting what we still have." She's concentrating on grassroots movements on the ground that have the potential to create jobs and protect the environment, and preparing for climate change in a pragmatic ways. 


Majora Carter

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listener from NY

"...we can train people who are coming back from our oil wars, even folks that were even incarcerated".
Putting aside what some may see as a comparison of soldiers and convicted criminals,
I am stuck by the term "oil wars" which I assume is a reference to the Iraq War.
Lets remind ourselves of Saddam Hussein's contributions to Iraq's environment. This includes using poison gas, destroying the marsh lands of Iraq and deliberately setting fire to oil fields just to name a few atrocities. He and his henchmen were brought to justice and now a flawed but vastly more responsible government supervises Iraq's energy policy which may serve as a model for its oil rich neighbors in the future. If this "oil war" was avoided, Saddam and his odious sons would be the stewards of environmental policy in Iraq well into the 21st Century. Thank you

Dec. 07 2010 11:32 AM

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