Why Did Lou Dobbs Leave CNN?

Friday, November 13, 2009

[Lou Dobbs' leaving CNN was kept secret until he made this announcement on-air]

This week, Lou Dobbs surprised the world by announcing that he would be leaving CNN. Known for his inflammatory views on immigrants, particularly those of Mexican descent, Dobbs was one of the founding anchors of CNN. So why leave the network? We explore that question with media analyst Johnnie Roberts, and OC Weekly staff writer Gustavo Arellano (who is also known for his nationally syndicated column “Ask a Mexican”).


Gustavo Arellano and Johnnie L. Roberts

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Kristen Meinzer

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Richard Silver

Dobbs has gone overboard and his comments were likely made to stir things up. But he was not the worst offender.

He is low hanging fruit that was easy to GET. The left doesn't like to hear it but he's right when he calls illegal aliens..illegal. A call to the health agencies along the boarder will tell you there has been an upswing of illness caused by illegals.

From my experience in law enforcement that a significate number of persons in local jails are illegel.

Just thinking these things makes me racist. But it dosen't make them untrue.

The left took on Dobbs because they had a better chance of getting him than O'Reilly or Beck. 2 people more dangerous than Dobbs.

There is difference between telling a lie and distoring a fact.

Now he is a hero to the Right, will end up Fox with a base to speak to.

Great job my progressive friends. More victories like that and we'll be in even greater trouble.

Nobody seems consider his right of freedom of speech.

Nov. 14 2009 05:33 PM

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