How the US Might Prosecute Julian Assange

Monday, December 06, 2010

View of the Interpol 'wanted' page for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange taken in Washington on December 3, 2010. (NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty)

We’ve learned a lot more about Julian Assange since he began publishing tens of thousands of classified documents on WikiLeaks last Sunday. Some believe he’s a hero. Others call him dangerous. Neither the U.S. nor Britain has charged Assange with anything, to date. But should Assange be prosecuted for releasing classified information? Is our legal system prepared to deal with what’s become one of the most notorious information-heists of the Internet Age?

We speak with David B. Rivkin, a constitutional lawyer who served in the Justice Department and the White House Counsel’s Office under Presidents Reagan and George H. W. Bush.


David B. Rivkin

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oneflashoflight from Reality

What was clear or fact-based about this? Rivkin IS hysterical as a fear-mongering neo-con.

He uses the 1917 Espionage Act as the umbrella while stating CLEARLY stating that it is "broadly worded and has some problems"....he makes a specific distinction between Assange and newspapers so that they can be protected as the corporate controlled entities with their own agendas that they are and is saying that IF Assange had printed a newspaper everything would be OK. What an idiot! He makes a profound ASSUMPTION that Assange "dumps everything that he gets his hands on". How the f*ck would this facist now this?! How could he know that Assange doesn't read everything? He couldn't possibly know but in THIS country, you don't need to have facts to prosecute anybody at THIS level. The President, thanks to the Patriot Act, simply has to say "book him, danno" and that's that....about anybody!? Just ask Jose Padilla who sat for two years in a military prison before having his first word to a lawyer. So, when the fascist manipulators of the world's largest superpower are rallying to GET YOU, I would imagine that you're going to freak the f*ck out. Perhaps Assange does have a doomsday file but Rivkin most definitely bastardizes the definition of "blackmail" in this context. His condescending description of a blogger being in his mom's basement is even further proof that Rivkin has zero respect for anything or anybody not aligned with his fascist neo-con agenda. His grasping and reaching spew would be like me trying to link his reference to throwing paint on the pentagon guaranteeing problem free prosecution, directly to The Reichstag Fire.

We are ALLEGEDLY to have elected an administration of transparency, Wikileaks has proven that to be yet another bald-faced lie from our government.

Dec. 06 2010 11:31 AM
donna from ohio

This is the only clear, fact-based report I have heard on this subject. It is nice to hear non-hysterical reporting on this issue.

Dec. 06 2010 09:47 AM

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