Who's Your Daddy? DNA Might Not Matter

Friday, November 20, 2009

A third of men who take paternity tests end up finding out that they're not really the father. And just as stricter federal rules are holding baby daddies more accountable, the science of proving paternity is getting cheaper, easier and more reliable. It all combines for some awkward family talks, tough moral decisions and nasty legal battles. We hear from Tanner Pruitt, a father who took an unexpected route to gaining custody of a daughter that isn't his -- not genetically anyway. We also speak to Ruth Padawer, who writes about this in Sunday's New York Times magazine.

Read Ruth Padawer's story in this weekend's New York Times magazine


Ruth Padawer and Tanner Pruitt

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Howard S v. Lillian S is the first paternity fraud case to be heard by NY's highest court (Court of appeals). Oral argument is expected in March 2010

Jan. 12 2010 11:12 PM

another child support nightmare.
in many states, i think NY state is one of the states. if you are married and your wife becomes pregnant by another man, e.g due to an affair. the husband is still liable for the child support, even if he finds out about the affair and dna proves the child is not his.
this may also apply if it is a new marriage and the reason the male is marrying is because he is fooled into believing he is the father when his girlfriend is pregnant.
the wording in some states if not many states is that any children born to the married couple become the responsibility of the male for child support.

Nov. 26 2009 08:57 AM

i had to pay child support for over 10 years, even when my daughter had joined the army reserves and was over 18.
this happened in ny, when my child was around 10 or 12 , the mother petitioned me for support, i had a lawyer request a dna test, the dna test now available in the 90's wasn't available in the early 80's.
i had an agreement drawn up by a lawyer the mother had hired and approved by the court, it stated that i did not have to pay child support if i admitted paternity.i was young and dumb and was tricked. you would think if the court approved it , it would be ok.10 or 12 years later, she wanted child support.
since i was now being asked for child support i requested a dna test to prove paternity.the court refused me the test but forced me to pay child support, i n appealed it . ended up having to pay until 21,the child was in the army reserves.they raised my child support, after age 18/army reserves. i was paying about a $1000 a month , and that was over 15 years ago.

Nov. 20 2009 11:18 AM

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