Whose Detroit Are We Talking About?

Crowdsourcing ideas for helping Motor City

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The national media has given prominent coverage to the woes of the Motor City. For example, Time recently embedded journalists in the city for over a year for its ambitious "Assignment Detroit" project. But while the national attention is (mostly) appreciated, insiders' eyes may turn out to be more valuable when it comes to looking for solutions to the city's troubles. Reporters at Detroit's public radio station, WDET, are crowd-sourcing plans for Detroit's recovery. They have been asking Detroit residents for their own voices and viewpoints in order to come up with plans to fix it. We find out more about the project from WDET news director Jerome Vaughn.


Jerome Vaughn

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Colleen Hill

There are ad agencies that are portraying Detroit in a positive light, like McCann Erickson's Pure Michigan campaign. However that isn't enough to combat the onslaught of negative media that has recently been splattered all over every website and news source. Then there are the articles that take the other extreme as well--of Detroit becoming the next greatest artists haven. But where is the divide between awareness and over saturation? Is it a possibility that the extreme shift from forty years of barely any coverage on Detroit to pictures on every page results in nothing more than indifference?

Nov. 03 2009 09:22 PM
Gregory McLaughlin

Having been born and raised in Detroit, I recently moved to Canton, MI. While living in the city over a span of 20 years, I have had three cars stolen. That being said, the decision for me to move out was due to economics, it was cheaper for me to pay insurance, and not having to replace a stolen vehicle every few years. However, crime happens everywhere. Detroit has some great locations to visit, especially downtown and the art district. To turn the negative attitude around about Detroit, the city official need to hire a marketing and ad firm to show Detroit in a positive light, and the Mayor/city council need to address the crime issues

Oct. 22 2009 09:50 AM

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