Fifteen Million Hopefuls Apply for 50,000 Spots in Green Card Lottery

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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It's official: millions of people around the world still want to live in the U.S.A. A record-breaking 15,000,000 people have applied to the annual Green Card Lottery for 2012 — an opportunity that is only open to 50,000 winners. We talk to Munkiwe Wadak, a Nigerian marketing officer who has applied for the Green Card three times, about what opportunities he hopes our nation holds for him and his family.

We also talk to Marc Rosenblum, a senior policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute, about how the whole lottery process works.


Marc Rosenblum and Munkiwe Wadak

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David J Fazekas

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ken ma from new york

oh,in nigeria there is growing opportunities,Munkiwe Wadak the nigerian nees to look harder.he need not to believe the u.s. hype. nigeria will be growing around 7 to 8% or higher this year.

Nov. 24 2010 09:24 AM
ken ma from new york

Marc Rosenblum

please send to Marc Rosenblum a senior policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute.

I HEARD HIM ON A TALK SHOW CALLED THE TAKE AWAY on mpr or wnyc in new york.
i have to correct him . nigeria per capt income gnp ppp is about 2,300 dollars,no 500 dollars. in u.s. dollars it will be about 1,200 may be higher. u.s. per captia maybe higher too.

Nov. 24 2010 09:19 AM

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