What happens if two of the big three fail?

Friday, December 05, 2008

After a tough senate hearing Thursday, the three top automakers are back in Washington to go before the House Financial Services Committee.
On Capitol Hill this morning the big three are prepping for round two in front of the House Financial Services Committee. And if their experiences in front of the Senate yesterday are any barometer they’ve still go a lot of sweet talking to do. Back on the Hill for us again this morning is Todd Zwillich, reporter for Capitol News Connection.


Todd Zwillich


Jesse Baker

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Imho, the recent hearings are a "red herring" - a bit of drama to keep our attention off the Big Question.

I'd be the first to criticize Big 3 management for their greed and lack of vision which led to this request for a loan. On the other hand, millions of American jobs are at stake in a precarious economy.

It seems like more attention should be on the Two Trillion Dollars the Treasury loaned to the banks with no transparency on where it went (Bloomberg News is suing to discover under the Freedom of Information Act). Isn't that a larger concern?

Dec. 05 2008 08:57 AM

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