This week's agenda: Foreign policy, the economy and the globe-hopping President

Monday, April 06, 2009

It's Monday and that means its time for us to gaze into our crystal ball for a look at the week ahead. We’ve got predictions on some key foreign and domestic policy issues and the latest on President Obama’s globetrotting. And we’ll tell you which economic numbers you’ll need to keep your eyes on. The Takeaway is talking to Marcus Mabry, international business editor at our partner the New York Times, and Cynthia Gordy, Washington correspondent for Essence.

"If you anchor this Muslim nation into Europe that says, more than anything else, that we in the West are, in fact, as open to Muslim nations as we are to other nations."
—New York Times International Business Editor Marcus Mabry on President Obama's calling for Turkey's inclusion in the E.U.


Cynthia Gordy and Marcus Mabry


Noel King

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