Prince William and Kate Middleton Engaged

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prince William has popped the question to longtime partner and university flat-mate Kate Middleton. Miss Middleton, of Berkshire is not royal or aristocratic, and the engagement is a signal of changing times, even in the stuffy upper-echelon of U.K. royal life. As the tabloids prepare for the next several months of wedding coverage, questions abound: how will this engagement be different? 

We're joined by the BBC's Rob Watson for more on the story. 


Robert Watson

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John W from Southport, CT

Just thinking back to yesterday when John H was talking about the "Britishers" reactions to Prince William's engagement. First, no one - except ignorant yanks (which John is obviously not) - uses the term "Britisher" anymore. So what up with that? Then John goes on to refer to the royal family as a "nasty crew". Since when was this show an editorial platform for him to spew this kind of invective?! I think he owes the queen an apology! As an ex-Brit myself, I happen to think the royal family is an embarrassment, but I don't want to hear my daily news presenters jump into the mudslinging. Leave that to your guests!

Nov. 18 2010 09:13 AM
Cynthia Kriger

The comments regarding the virginity, or lack thereof, of Kate Middleton were extremely offensive to me as a woman. I was shocked to hear the comments regarding this topic--what century are you in, and what tabloid do you work for????. Celeste especially--shame on you! In general: While your program is informative, you as hosts exhibit an arrogance that is not appealing to the audience. Stop being so "cute", and full of yourselves.

Nov. 16 2010 06:58 PM

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