Way Forward in Afghanistan Remains Murky

Cheney says president is "dithering"

Friday, October 23, 2009

The war in Afghanistan continues to drag on, and the Obama administration is waiting for the country's presidential election runoff before deciding whether to send additional troops to the region. Former Vice President Dick Cheney called this timetable "dithering" in a speech yesterday. For a military perspective on the matter, we speak to retired Air Force Col. Sam Gardiner. Some of the logistical challenges facing troops on the ground also complicate the ongoing strategy; part of the problem is as basic as knowing who to fight. New York Times reporter Scott Shane writes in today's paper about the two types of Taliban that U.S.-led troops are fighting.


Col. Sam Gardiner and Scott Shane


David J Fazekas

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Why is this radio show spending its opening minutes discussing the views of Dick Cheney? I am a proud American and note our very basic process for those who wish to contest Barack Obama's policies -- it's called an election.

Dick Cheney was eligible to run in 2008 and seems to have chosen not to. He will be eligible to run again in 2012 and I'm guessing the Democrats would be delighted to have him face off against Obama as the latter seeks a second term.

Until then, he can put forward proposals as anyone might. But if he is just name calling, I have no idea why any serious news program would re-broadcast his comments.

Oct. 23 2009 09:56 AM

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