Bad Religion and Evolutionary Science with Greg Graffin

Monday, November 15, 2010

For thirty years, the legendary punk band Bad Religion has been singing about politics, questioning religion, and, of course, rocking supremely hard.

But did you know that the band’s lead vocalist and lyricist, Greg Graffin, has a side job? And no, it’s not bartending or acting.

When he’s not on stage, Graffin is a professor of life sciences and paleontology. His passion is evolution. And he's the co-author of a new book that shares his insights, intellectual musings and personal stories called “Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science, and Bad Religion in a World Without God.”


Greg Graffin, PhD

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Kristen Meinzer

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Anirudh Kumar Satsangi from Dayalbagh, Agra, India

Now I give Radhasoami Faith view of Creation Theory. In Sar Bachan (Poetry) composed by His Holiness Soamiji Maharaj the August Founder of Radhasoami Faith the details of creation and dissolution has been described very scientifically. It is written in this Holy Book: Only He Himself (Supreme Father)and none else was there. There issued forth a great current of spirituality, love and grace (In scientific terminology we may call this current as gravitational wave). This is called His Mauj (Divine Ordainment). This was the first manifestation of Supreme Being. This Divine Ordainment brought into being three regions, viz., Agam, Alakh, and Satnam of eternal bliss. Then a current emerged with a powerful sound. It brought forth the creation of seven Surats or currents of various shades and colours (in scientific terminology we may call it electromagnetic waves). Here the true Jaman or coagulant was given (in scientific terminology this coagulant may be called as weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force). Surats, among themselves, brought the creation into being.

These currents descended down further and brought the whole universe/multi verse into being i.e. black holes, galaxies etc. were born.

Dec. 05 2010 10:35 AM
ya-hey from AHha

is it just me or is Greg really out of breath?

[Edited for language. Keep it clean, folks. -eds]

Nov. 16 2010 12:07 PM
Robert Landbeck from Dedham, Me

This seemingly endless and fruitless debate between science and religion is about to be superceded. What science and religion thought impossible has happened. History now has it's first fully demonstrable proof for faith! And in the cross hairs is theology and tradition. Science will also have to learn some humility.

Quoting a forum review: " The first ever viable religious conception capable of leading reason, by faith, to observable consequences which can be tested and judged is now a reality. A teaching that delivers the first ever religious claim of insight into the human condition that meets the Enlightenment criteria of verifiable, direct cause and effect, evidence based truth embodied in experience. For the first time in history, however unexpected, the world must contend with a claim to new revealed truth, a moral wisdom not of human intellectual origin, offering access by faith, to absolute proof, an objective basis for moral principle and a fully rational and justifiable belief! "

Revolutionary stuff!

Nov. 16 2010 07:00 AM
Michele from NY

Not at all a book exclusively about, or even promoting, atheism- more like a book about a science and naturalism (and subsequent lack of a religion based world-view), evolution, as well as the story of Bad Religion's evolution as a band.
Greg Graffin is not anti-religion unlike Dawkins et al.

Nov. 15 2010 08:55 PM
beersnob from SC

I read a good bit of the book excerpts on Amazon, and I think it's quite unlike Dawkins (based on interviews of him I've seen). It seems a nice alternative to the Ayn Rand-like selfish amorality and anti-spirituality that some atheist authors promote.

Nov. 15 2010 01:01 PM
Ed from Larchmont

Another person in the line of Dawkins and Harris? Do we need another?

Nov. 15 2010 08:07 AM

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