Buy a Truck, Get an AK-47

Friday, November 12, 2010

Gun, Machine Gun, AK-47 AK-47 assault rifle (Wikipedia Commons/Wikipedia Commons)

It's not like seat-heaters, a fancy sound system, or other car purchase options/ad-ons, but Nation's Trucks in Sanford, Fla. does offer a deal if you purchase a truck: buy one, get an AK-47. Technically, to get your semi-automatic with your vehicle, you have to jump through all the usual hoops of buying the weapon according to state laws. But Nick Ginetta, the general sales manager at the dealership who acknowledges it is in effect a publicity stunt, hopes he'll get a few more customers than usual.



Nick Ginetta

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ed duval from missouri

This is the same promotion Max Motors ran last year. This year Max did one better and was giving away .50 caliber sniper rifles. Check out this page on their site

Nov. 12 2010 12:56 PM

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