Is it the End of the Dollar's Era?

International groups looking for stability, predictability

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Gold, Bullion (Flickr: BullionVault)

The world leaders of the G20 are meeting later this week, and there are a lot of ideas afloat on how to reorganize world currency (gold standard, anyone?). Simon Johnson, former chief economist for the International Monetary Fund, helps us examine the notion that the U.S. dollar may not remain at the top of the heap forever.


Simon Johnson

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nwcitizen from Seattle

The comments by your listeners make it obvious that they don't get it. Your making light of this subject is outrageous!

Instead of making this into entertainment, DO YOUR HOMEWORK, research the issue and inform your listeners!

Follow the example of DemocracyNow and interview Michael Hudson for starters. Our government is doing bupkis to fix this. In fact, in our ignorance, we've just put the right wing back in control with the full cooperation of the pitiful left. The stage is set and we are right back where we were in the 1930s.

Nov. 09 2010 01:54 PM

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