Voices on the American dream

Friday, March 13, 2009

Listeners from Oklahoma, New Jersey and as far away as Cuba call in to talk about what the American dream means to them.

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Farai Chideya

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american dream - i'm self employed , and i still can't hold a job! - maybe the american dream came from the dream factory - hollywood - we were sold on someone elses dream of what good consumers should be - maybe not - maybe the dream was already there - dreaming can be a good thing , but waking up is hard to do sometimes - here's to dreams and dreamers - bye - joe

Mar. 13 2009 11:09 AM
Don Dollens

I applied for a patent on March 20, 2007. 18 months later, the Patent Office published the entire application. I had to basically put on reserve the ability to apply for a similar patent in other regions of the world, through the PCT (Patent Co-operation Treaty. 30 months after the application, I must apply for world wide patent protection in other regions of the world to prevent others from using the ideas...six months away. The Patent Office has assigned an examiner andhas taken no action. The cost to apply forworldwide protection is around $100,000 according to my patent attorney. Thus far I have spent about $20,000. If I cannot afford the $100,000 to apply for foreign patents. My patent will be free to the rest of the world and only available to whomever I might license or sell it to in the US...If I am granted a patent. The patent office is not only frustrating my own American Dream, but through its actions, is making it available tio every country but the US.

Mar. 13 2009 10:34 AM
Clay Enos

I just started a company dedicated to giving a majority of its profits to charity. Not as a non-profit, but as a new kind of capitalism. My American Dream is have every American wake from their dreams and have a cup of coffee bought at organiccoffee.com. We could use the help. ;-)

Mar. 13 2009 09:36 AM

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