Listeners Respond: Getting Along Across Party Lines

Thursday, November 04, 2010

U.S. President Barack Obama holds a news conference, the day after Republicans gained 60 seats in the House of Representatives in midterm elections November 3, 2010. (Alex Wong/Getty Images/Getty)

After Tuesday's elections, Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, and Democrats managed to hold on to the Senate.  We asked you: Can Democrats and Republicans get along? Also: Where can President Obama and Republicans find common ground? You've been weighing in with a variety of responses.

On Facebook, Hugh Appet was fired about the basis of our question. Part of his post stated the following:

"Rush Limbaugh set the Republican agenda before Obama was inaugurated. He said he wanted him to fail. Look at the votes of the last two years. Almost every single ...Republican especially in the Senate fell in line with the party and voted NOOOO on everything. They even voted no on things they suggested as compromises."

Marissa Solomon texted us from Staten Island, New York. She had this to say about where Congress and the President can find common ground:

"Less government involvement. Period. Gettem offa my body, outta my marriage, outta my mortgage, banking, salt intake, smoking, everywhere! Out, damned spot!"

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