U.S. Envoy George Mitchell heads to Israel in new bid for peace

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

U.S. Special Envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell arrives in Israel today as part of his two-week tour of the Middle East and North Africa. Against the backdrop of Israel's three week offensive in Gaza to root out Hamas militants, Mitchell has announced he is pushing a two-state solution to the Middle East conflict and during his trip he has been enlisting broad Arab support for his plan. But how important is it to have Arabic support for plans for peace in Israel? To help us answer that question, we turn to Rosemary Hollis. For ten years, Ms. Hollis was the head of the Middle East program at Chatham House—a leading international affairs think tank. She is now Director of the Olive Tree Programme at London's City Universtiy.
"The rivalry between them is so bitter that they are jeopardizing the future of the Palestinian people and the future of any kind of peace relations in the name of trying to defeat one another."
—Rosemary Hollis of the Olive Tree Program on the Middle East conflict


Rosemary Hollis

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