Dr. Corinne Vinopol

President, Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc. Also been a hearing officer for disability disputes A parent, foster parent, and grandparent as well

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Court Case to Test Quadriplegia and Parental Fitness

Monday, January 04, 2010

A quadriplegic mother is at risk of losing her five-month-old son in a custody battle with the baby's father, who cites her quadriplegia as a reason to deny her custody. Should the courts be involved in such cases? If so, where does ADA regulation end and family law begin? Lisa Belkin introduces us to various custody cases involving parents with disabilities, and Dr. Corinne Vinopol, president of the Institute for Disabilities Research and Training and a hearing officer in disability disputes, shares her insights about parenting, disabilities, and the law. 

Follow along with New York Times' readers at Lisa Belkin's blog post on this story.

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