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Monday, August 03, 2015

A power plant's smoke stack over the water. (Martin Nikolaj Bech/Flickr)

Will Obama's Climate Legacy Last?

President Obama announces new regulations today that will limit the amount of carbon that power plants using fuels like coal or natural gas can emit into the atmosphere. In a White House video released over the weekend, Obama says this will be the biggest, most important steps taken to combat climate change that the U.S. has ever taken. Several states and energy industry representatives are already gearing themselves up for a long legal battle. Stephanie Joyce, an energy and natural resource reporter for Wyoming Public Radio, joins us to explain. The announcement is scheduled to take place on the White House South Lawn, but since forecasters predicted the weather might get too hot, officials say the event might move indoors.

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A World Music Tour Worthy of Its Name

The Takeaway Weekender Podcast hears from singer-songwriter Joss Stone about her music's world influences. Her new album "Water For Your Soul" dropped on Friday.