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Monday, September 01, 2014

"We Can Do It" by J. Howard Miller (wikipedia)

Today's Takeaways: A Labor Day Special

This Labor Day, The Takeaway is all about hard work. Author Farai Chideya shares the voices of women who have fought the tough fight in tech. Where is the U.S. economy headed in the year ahead? The Takeaway turns to Rana Faroohar for answers. She's the assistant managing editor of Time Magazine and contributor to WNYC’s Money Talking. In early August, The Takeaway asked listeners: Who's the hardest working person you know? The nominations came flowing in. Today, two listeners share their stories. Are labor unions on the decline in America? Weighing in is labor expert Philip Dine. Finally, The Takeaway hears from author Beth Macy. She shares the story of Bassett Furniture, a thriving family furniture business in the south that fought to keep their factories open and their products local when furniture imports from China entered the market.

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The Takeaway Weekender: The Summer of 2014, Racial Diversity, and Rewriting Memories

This weekend, The Takeaway looks back at some Emmy nominees, diversity in friendships, and we examine why the summer of 2014 was awesome.