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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

There is a bipartisan movement in Congress on sentencing reform (Manuel-F-O/Getty)

Sentencing & A Strange Alliance for Reform

Republicans and Democrats can't agree on much, but after decades of gridlock, there is a new movement in Congress to revise federal sentencing laws. Libertarian Republicans and Liberal Democrats agree that the current laws are too expensive to maintain, and unfair to disadvantaged people. Republican Senator Churck Grassley will introduce a bipartisan sentencing bill before the summer recess—the legislation would allow convicts at low risk of recidivism to earn time off their sentences. For a look at what is driving this bipartisan push were joined by Todd Zwillich, Takeaway Washington Correspondent.

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Today's Takeaways: A Living Wage, Transgender Rights, and Dr. Seuss

The Takeaway explores a basic income in America, a trans student's fight to use the bathroom, and Dr. Seuss's longtime art director drops by to discuss his newly released book.