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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Black smoke belches from a power generating boiler at the Masonite wood processing plant in this 1985 Ukiah, California, photo. The laminated wood processing plant is surrounded by vineyards. (George Rose/Getty)

Report Charges EPA With Environmental Injustice

On Monday, President Obama outlined an aggressive plan to reduce emissions and America's reliance on carbon energy over the next 15 years—a plan that will make the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) much more powerful over the next decade. But the EPA will have a lot to answer for as the debate over President Obama's plan heats up. The EPA has come under fire for a new investigation into the Agency's Office of Civil Rights, the division charged with investigating environmental discrimination. The Center for Public Integrity finds that the office rarely takes action, despite hundreds of complaints from across the country. Kristen Lombardi, senior reporter for the Center for Public Integrity, says that in the Office's 22-year history, it has never made a formal finding of discrimination.

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Today's Takeaways: Obama's Climate Legacy, Ethical Hunting, and Planned Parenthood

The Takeaway explores Obama's signature regulation on climate change, the ethics around hunting and the killing of Cecil the Lion, and the sale and distribution of aborted fetal tissues.